Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And the Big Winner is...

Belated congratulations are due to Brent Holt (pictured), from the nearby offices of Beast Editorial, who won the Schwinn Coffee 3-Speed in our most recent coffee card drawing.

We will have a new prize and drawing soon, but for now we're employing a new series of punch cards (also pictured) that simply offer a free cup of our wonderful coffee (make sure our baristi get y'all punched-out with each visit).

The next ride is slowly coming together...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

So I've been in the barista business for a long time. How long, I'm not saying. But as I've gotten older I've started to question the things I thought I knew as facts concerning all aspects of coffee from serving it to drinking it. Not question as in questioning the existence of god, but more of a curiosity as to the whys and hows of coffee rituals. Recently it was the serving of a lemon wedge with espresso. Where I learned this I cannot say and it started me wondering if it was an established practice or something I accepted as fact in my younger, less questioning, days. So doing a little research (i.e. googling, my favorite pastime) I come across a forum of my fellow baristas with a whole lot to say on the matter. The general consensus seems to be using lemon may have come about as a way to soften too bitter espresso or possibly as a cleaning agent in the less than sanitary days of yore. Whatever its original purpose, it has now become an accepted practice amongst some if not all baristas. Not every time, mind you, but as another way to serve an espresso; just the rind either crushed in the cup or possibly rubbed along the rim. So there we are, another question answered. Maybe having a child is to blame for this quest for knowledge as I'm sure soon enough I'll be answering all kinds of inquiries concerningthings I've taken for granted. On that note, can someone please explain to me why the sky is blue and what keeps planes from falling? You know, for the kids.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Well, i just opened an email from my manager in which a picture of Homer, head hung low at the kitchen table with a large yellow palm to the forehead, was included to emphasize the disparaging level of disappointment in him by the complete lack of blog posts by us fellow baristas here at Juan Pelota. I figured the inclusion of a picture probably indicated something much more serious, but I'm not quite sure what...perhaps we'd all have to wear flower print aprons as beautiful as Nicole's.

In any case it seems like we're starting off sharing websites, helpful hints, and personal experiences related to that incredible, wonderful bean we all keep returning to the store for time and time again. So here are two resources full of helpful hints and tips (it seems more so for the beginner, as yours truly is) that have helped me: www.monkeysee.com (type 'latte' into the search bar) but if you need tips on how to groom your nails, you can find that there as well. And, www.caffesociety.co.uk